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iQuickSales™ is a user-friendly offline touch screen order processing system using iPad, which has been designed to automate the field sales ordering process and immediate send order back to office and sync into sales & purchase accounting system.

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Power By I Light Technology

  1. Software Development

  2. iQuickSales

  3. Web Design

  4. Online Shop

Our Solutions

Our Products

  1. SQL Accounting

  2. iQuickSales (iPad Ordering System)

  3. POS System

  4. Payroll System


Our solutions can integrate with SQL Accounting, EMAS, Sage UBS and Autocount



Ø  Messy handwriting order list

Ø  Wrong product name or quantity

Ø  Product price not accurate

Ø  Time consume to re-confirm order through phone 

Ø  Not enough staff to handle order issue & re-type order

Ø  High cost in hiring staff just to handle these issues

Ø  Unable to track Sales Person activity

Having difficulties to fax or email customer Order ?

No.1 Assistant    For Wholesaler
Smart Browsing Pick with your Finger

With iQuick Sales (iPad Ordering System), you always have a great time to place order, a superb fast search bar to search what ever item customer order. With just a single tap to add the item to your item.

You can easily know customer last purchase price and discount to customer.

Real Time Aging Report  Effortless, paperless Eco friendly

With iQuickSales, you always check your customer aging report just right on your hand,  paperless and easy to use.

It’s simply simple and easy to learn, you can also know your team sales in just a click!

To those who want to improve their business, we can be reached at 012 583 2356 (Yip) or via email : sales@i-light.com.my Thank you really for your time.

Key Benefits:-

  1. Bullet Reduce transaction errors

  2. Bullet Reduce administration costs

  3. Bullet Improved management information

  4. Bullet Save a lot of time

Find out how Quick Sales can help you to resolve the problem

Checking aging report is easier than ever before!


iQuickSales™ in Business

      Assist company in increase business efficiency, to make the information management become Simple , Efficient and Fun ”