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Power By I Light Technology


Assist company in increase business efficiency, to make the information management become more Simple , Fun and Effective

100% Delivery in customize Project
Software Dev

How to leverage online marketing tool to get passive income?

Through Online Shop you can market and sell your products online, and your clients will order with ease. Today, thousands of companies worldwide starting to build and maintain their successful online stores.

Expend your business online!
Online Shop
  1. BulletOrganizes your finances intelligently in one place.

  2. BulletTrack sales, purchases and collections.

  3. BulletMaintain and keep your inventory up-to-date.

  4. BulletGenerate and print useful info with advanced analytic tool.

Simple and Easy Accounting Software
SQL Accounting

We will make getting an Internet presence painless and effortless for you, from registering your domain name*, setting up the emailing and mail forwarding facilities, designing your website hosting it, and registering the site with all the top search engines.

Make you stand out from the Crowd!
Web Design

iQuickSales is a user-friendly offline touch screen order processing system using iPad, which has been designed to automate the field sales ordering process and immediate send order back to office and sync into sales & purchase accounting system

No.1 Assistant for Wholesaler !

iQuickSales can integrate with SQL Accounting, EMAS, Sage UBS and Autocount